We have three simple rules.

focus room (3).png

No hateful conduct or harassment. Don’t harass, bully, or shame anyone. 


No inappropriate comments. Don't do anything that demeans, defames, or promotes discrimination or violence on the basis of gender identity and expression, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, or sexual orientation.

No advertising or selling. Don’t use StudyStream platforms to sell or promote a product, service, or brand. No 'soft-selling', i.e., promoting content or a brand you are affiliated with.

We take breaches of these rules very seriously. If you spot any of these rules being broken, please report to our team at team@studystream.live and we will look into this immediately. We've got your back.


Be accountable. 

To maximize accountability, we ask you to always work with your video on.

Be kind. 

Everyone here comes to work hard and aim high, so cheer them on! Be encouraging and positive!

Protect your focus. 

Stay focused by removing distractions—try putting your phone in another room! 

Work with intention. 

Inspire the work of others with your own. Clearly communicate concrete goals and work hard on them.