Mindfulness to keep you grounded

Looking after our health and wellbeing through meditation can help us be more productive and successful. People find meditation can help them get a better night’s sleep, improve their attention and concentration, and feel more authentic and connected in their relationships.

Join one of our mindfulness experts in the Focus Room every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 19:30 GMT for a 15-minute practice followed by a group discussion of the experience.

PWR articles to keep you informed

Linked below are our PWR articles, which we will be updating with explorations of mindfulness, as well as tips and tricks for meditation and other areas of health and wellbeing, including sleep, diet, and exercise.

New articles will be published every Monday

Ed Miller, Mindfulness and Wellbeing Lead

Solomon Slade, Resident Mindfulness Teacher


 The Brain as a Mechanism for Mindfulness 

Ed Miller

Mindfulness can change your brain. Studies have shown that mindfulness can thicken the part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain that we use when we pay attention, focus, and involve what’s called ‘sensory processing’ (ie paying attention to how we’re feeling and what’s going on in our body). Mindfulness can literally strengthen or thicken this part of your brain, almost like a muscle. It’s not surprising, then, that when you practice training your attention in mindfulness practices, you can see the associated changes in the relevant part of the brain... (read more)

3 min read

Published 15/Mar/2021

The Stress & Immune Response in Meditati

The Stress & Immune Response in Meditation

Ed Miller

In saying that, ‘stress’ is also a scientific term. The ‘stress response’ is the way that the chemicals, hormones and neurotransmitters in our body respond to external stress, in part due to how the sympathetic nervous system is activated, and then how this affects the body over both the short and long term. We already mentioned that this can include our blood pressure and heart rate increasing, our breathing increasing, muscles tensing, our mouth drying up, and a need to go to the toilet... (read more)

3 min read

Published 8/Mar/2021

Tackling the Nervous System with Mindful

Tackling the Nervous System with Mindfulness

Ed Miller

 One way to think about how our nervous system works is by thinking about it operating in one of two ‘directions’ or in two different ways — these are called the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. They are not really two different systems, but more like the brake and the accelerator of a car. The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for speeding everything up, and the parasympathetic system responsible for slowing everything down. You may have noticed that in some moments, like when you are about to sit an exam... (read more)

4 min read

Published 2/Mar/2021

Attention and rhythm in Mindfulness.jpeg

Attention and Rhythm in Mindfulness

Ed Miller

Our body operates on a highly intricate and complex system of rhythms and cycles. Different hormones, chemicals and neurotransmitters have natural cycles in their release during the day and night. The different levels and interaction of these substances help to produce the natural functions of our body, like our sleep and wake cycle. Incredibly, the way our bodies develop these timings goes way back to when we were infants in our mother’s womb... (read more)

4 min read

Published 22/Feb/2021