Reasons to Smile Today

Scientists have proven that smiling has so many benefits including reducing stress levels and lowering your heart rate.

Reasons to Smile Today

Did you know that smiling can trick your brain into thinking you are happy even when you’re not? Scientists have proven that smiling has so many benefits including reducing stress levels and lowering your heart rate. So, turn that frown upside down and smile more. There are so many reasons to smile today. Read on to find a list of things that will make you smile.

Smiling makes the world a brighter place for you and everyone around you. But did you know that scientifically speaking smiling is actually contagious? The part of our brains that controls facial muscles is automatic, which would explain why when you smile or laugh at a joke, you don’t have to think about it, the expression just happens, even when you are not conscious of it. Smiling can have so many positive effects, including releasing mood-boosting neurotransmitters in your brain such as serotonin and dopamine. It’s a great way to relieve stress and can actually improve your immunity.

Here are some reasons why you should smile today:

You are surrounded by people that love and appreciate you. Even if you don’t always know how people feel, just knowing that there are people around that think their life is brighter with you in it is enough to make you smile from ear to ear.

You have a dream or an ambition to be someone or do something with your life. If you are studying to gain a qualification, it means that you have an end goal, a purpose, and a reason for doing what you are doing. It may be hard to achieve, but smile and know that you are lucky enough to chase your dreams.

You are living in a beautiful world, full of wondrous things, from the ever-changing colors in the sky to the tiny creatures living in the grass beneath your feet. Marvel and smile at how magnificent this world you are in really is. No matter what happens, the sun rises and sets every day without fail. The sky is always blue. Even though your world is always changing there are some constants in life that you should take note of to feel at ease. Gratitude is the best way to smile more in your day-to-day life.

You are alive. Feel the heart beating in your chest, isn’t it wonderful? You have been gifted this day and you can do whatever you want with it. When you get up in the morning, the first thing you should do is smile. It will be the best way to start your day because no matter what life throws at you, remember that you woke up this morning with a new chance to create the life that you want to live.

You have so many small moments in a day that could make you smile, savor them. From the sounds of a baby’s laughter to being gifted your favorite flowers, watching an evening sunset or watching cute videos of puppies, receiving a message from a loved one, or the scenic view from your window. Once you start to notice and appreciate the smaller things in your day, you will smile more, feel brighter and live a happier life.


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