How do I get started? 

After you have joined StudyTown, explore the  "Town Map". Study with others around the world (including YouTubers) in our 24/7 Virtual Library, or study to LoFi tunes in the 24/7 LoFi Cafe. The Community Cafe, where you can connect with other StudyTown residents is coming soon, so make sure your resident profile is up to date (under "My Account"). You can find our calendar of events on the "Library" page. As this is a brand new initiative, we are planning to expand the number of activities on offer! All StudyTown residents will receive The StudyStream Times every Sunday with the latest updates and events. 


This is great, but is it free? 

YES! Feel free to explore the world not only without leaving your seat, but without spending a penny. Additional premium features will be added as we develop them later on, so stay tuned! 

Who is this site for?

While it's aimed primarily at University and School students, we know that those of you who are working love it too, so you're welcome to join our community.

What’s it like working in a virtual library? 
A virtual library incorporates all the best aspects of a normal library! The aim is to be productive and to get work done. It is a safe space where you can be with others (friends or other students all around the globe) and work together while holding one another accountable. 


Do I need to keep the video and microphone on the whole time? 
Just like in a normal library where you know people can see you, we ask that you work with your video on. If you are watching a video, listening to music, or making a phone call etc, please make sure you are muted and are not disturbing others (in the same way you would be considerate of others in a library). 


I signed up to StudyBuddy. What is it like working with one?
StudyBuddy provides you with an accountability partner. Once you are introduced to your new partner, set out your goals for the week, and check back in at the end of the week to see if you have accomplished your goals. We have an exclusive community just for StudyBuddies! 


What if I have some feedback? 
We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please submit any feedback and new feature requests to

How It Works

Defeat procrastination. Fend off distractions. Achieve your goals.