How to Prepare for 2023 as a Student

What is the best way to set your intentions for 2023? Read on to find out more.

How to Prepare for 2023 as a Student

2022 is coming to a close and you are having a well-deserved break from your studies. But it doesn’t mean you can’t put pen to paper and come up with a plan for 2023. How do you prepare for a new year as a student? What is the best way to set your intentions for 2023? Read on to find out more.

Review your year

Before you start thinking about 2023, you should reflect on the year 2022. Pick out the best bits, the important lessons that you learned, and the memories that you made. It might be a nice idea to document it and write them down in a diary or journal so that you can look back and see the wonderful things that happened in 2022. Something to think about when reviewing your year is to talk about the bad and the good. It’s cathartic to write about your failures and losses. Remember that every part of your story is important and helps you to evolve into the person you are meant to be.  

Look at your habits

Did you spend too much time on social media this year? Are you trying to cut out junk food but failed this year? Take a look at your habits from this year. But be sure to also think about the good. Did you start to learn a new language and practice regularly? Did you set yourself a goal to meditate every day and succeed? Note down your habits and make a list of ones that you want to begin in 2023.

Set your intention

Ask yourself what your intentions are. Is your intention for the year 2023 to be kinder to yourself and others? Is it your intention to give yourself a better study and life balance? Or is your intention to get into the school or program you have been working towards? Intentions are important. It’s easy to go into a new year, blinding yourself and not knowing what you want but this will only de-motivate you. Give yourself a sense of purpose and direction and you will start the year on a positive note.

Create some study goals

Create a list of study goals that you want to achieve in the year 2023. The best way to do this is to write down a long-term goal first, your main intention and something that you want to reach by the end of 2023. Then, looking at this larger goal, create some smaller study goals. Try and focus on keeping them simple and attainable. Also, give yourself a goal for when you complete them.

Visualize and achieve

If you’re a visual person, you may even benefit from creating a vision board. There are many ways you can do this, you can create a physical vision board if you are the creative type or you create a digital vision board on one of the many apps out there. Collect images that you find inspiring, motivational quotes, or snippets from books that urge you to keep going. If you visualize your goals and see them every day, you are more likely to attain them.


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