Make Your Phone Your Best Study Tool

How do we make our phones our best study tool? Read on to find out more.

Make Your Phone Your Best Study Tool

How many times a day do you look at your phone? We all have a smartphone device with the world at our fingertips and this can be distracting and pull us away from work and studying. But how do we use our phones to be more productive? How do we make our phones our best study tool? Read on to find out more.

Smartphones are amazing, aren’t they? You can talk to your friends, post cute pictures on Instagram and watch funny videos of cats playing the piano. But did you know that your phone doesn’t have to be a major distraction from your studies? There are ways to use your phone to be productive! But it’s going to take some willpower and a few little hacks to make it work. The main problem is that phones are designed for multitasking. With so many apps to choose from, you might be scrolling through Instagram, while listening to music on Spotify and sending a text message. But research shows that we are more productive when we are focusing on a single task. When it’s time to work or study, it’s important to have full focus and concentration, here are some top tips on how to make your phone your best study tool.

Declutter Your Home screen

So, what’s the best way to cut back on what has your full attention? Simple, remove the distractions. Take your social media apps off your home screen, mute all push notifications, and only have ease of access to apps that are going to work with your productivity, not against it. Once you find the willpower to do this, you will see remarkable results already. But it’s no good just removing apps from your home screen, you need to categorize all the apps on your phone first.

What are your primary tools? These are apps that help you stay organized such as your calendar, diary, or other productivity-related apps. Then there are the slot machine tools, these are the apps that distract you from your study or work, these include email, social media, and messaging apps. Then there are the aspiration tools and apps that help you get to where you want to be, maybe they are exercise apps, book or language apps, or podcasts. Now, it’s time to rearrange your phone! Only have your primary tools and aspiration apps on your main home screen, everything else goes on the next page.

Notifications, notifications, notifications

You’ve just sat down to study, you have everything you need and you are ready to begin when ping! A notification comes up on your phone. Your friend has sent you a message and it would be rude not to message back, so you do. Then you remember you saw a funny video a few days earlier that you wanted to send to them, so you go on Instagram and find it. Send it to your friend but now you’ve seen another video that you like. Before you know it, hours have passed by.

Notifications are one of the biggest distractions on your phone, so the best thing to do is to silence them. Push notifications show on the home screen of your phone, you can go into your settings and mute them, so you only find out what notifications you have when you go onto the app.

Use your time wisely

Instead of wasting your time scrolling through social media, there are apps that you can have on your phone that are better for your health, growth, and wellbeing, sound good? The hour that you spend on Instagram every morning could easily be replaced with listening to an informative and interesting podcast that will get you feeling ready to take on the academics of the day. Instead of watching videos on TikTok in the evening, why not swap it out for some time using an app to learn a new language or skill?

Everyone gets the same amount of time in the day. It’s up to you how you use it. If you know you have a problem with your phone and you find yourself getting too distracted to work or study, then it might be time to change your priorities. If that doesn’t work, then silencing or turning off your phone temporarily is a great way to stay focused on the task at hand.

Our phones are a big part of our lives now. But if you adapt the way you use your phone and use it for studying instead of personal use, you will find yourself reaching your study goals faster and getting one step closer to the success you want. Your phone can help your productivity. If you remove temptation from your home screen, silence notifications, and use your time effectively, you will have the perfect study tool in your hand and nothing will stop you from achieving your goals!


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