Reflecting on the Year 2022

Look back on the year 2022 and ask yourself the questions StudyStream has compiled for you, so you can go into 2023 feeling ready to take on the world!

Reflecting on the Year 2022

December can be an overwhelming time. The holiday season can fill your schedule with plenty of things to do. But it’s also the perfect time for reflection. Look back on the year 2022 and ask yourself the questions StudyStream has compiled for you, so you can go into 2023 feeling ready to take on the world!

A good year or a bad year?

It’s hard to determine if a year was good or bad because there are a multitude of ways a year can go and more often than not, a year can be a mixed bag of events from tragic and life-changing to amazing and fulfilling. So instead, ask yourself these questions separately. What were some of the good things that happened in your life this year? Did you start a new friendship or relationship? Did you get onto the university course you wanted? They don't have to be life-defining moments, it could be something small that impacted you in a positive way such as receiving a nice card and present on your birthday. Similarly, ask yourself what bad things happened to you this year. And think about what lessons you learned from them. Did you experience a break-up and learn how to be independent? Did you fail an important exam and learn to study harder next time?

How did you grow as a person?

Were there any defining moments in your life this year? Did any of them help you grow as a person? We evolve through our experiences, so if something pivotal happened to you this year, whether it was good or bad, ask yourself if you have changed as a result of it. Transitions are happening in our lives constantly and it doesn’t always have to be a noticeable change such as a new job, a break-up, or studying a new course. Reflect on the little things you experienced this year that are changing you into the person you want to become.

What goals did you achieve?

Did you complete the goals you set for yourself at the end of 2021? Or did you perhaps achieve a goal that wasn’t on the list? If you did, congratulations! It’s also entirely okay if you didn’t achieve any of your big goals this year. Focus on all the little ways that you have got closer to your goal. Are you disappointed with yourself this year? If the answer is yes, then come up with a strategy on how to prevent this in 2023. Do you need to study harder? Should you change jobs? Be stricter with saving your money. Whatever it is, be honest with yourself because that is the only way that true change can occur.

What is your favorite memory from this year?

We are creating memories constantly. Every time you go on a special date, have a big family meal, or hang out with your friends. From the big life-changing moments to the small moments that fill you with gratitude and love. Think about your favorite memories from 2022. Can you pick just one? Or are there so many memories that it’s hard to choose? If you could rewind, what memory would you play over and over again?

What are you grateful for?

When we pause to think about what we are grateful for, it helps us to align with our values and priorities for the upcoming year. Create a gratitude list of all the things you are thankful for this year. If you want to take your gratitude a step further, you should give yourself the goal of being a gratitude journal in 2023. Simply write down three things every day that you are grateful for and watch your world change!

What is your hope for 2023?

This is something that you hope for in the future year. It can be something small or a bigger goal. But just be wary about making unpredictable goals, they lead to disappointment and feelings of failure. Give yourself a simple hope. It might just be, I hope in 2023 I gain more confidence in myself. I hope in 2023 I will achieve my study goals. I hope in 2023 I pay more attention to my health and wellbeing. The vaguer the hope the better. If you claim your hope to be something unreachable, such as, I hope in 2023 I become rich or get my dream job or dream partner, you are less likely to attain it.

StudyStream wishes you a prosperous, hopeful, and beautiful 2023.


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