What is the Best Group Size for Studying?

What if you could study with others, be more productive, and stay more accountable?

What is the Best Group Size for Studying?

Studying can be a lonely activity, just you and your books, day after day, revising and working hard to cram your brain with as much information as possible before your next big exam. But what if you could study with others, be more productive, and stay more accountable? The answer is group studying. Whether you form an in-person or online study group, it can be the difference between sticking to your study schedule and procrastination.

The benefits of group studying

So, what are the benefits of group studying? There is a lot of research that shows students can learn from each other and improve their memory retention by quizzing, discussing course material, and asking questions. Group studying can enhance your learning and understanding and give you a more rounded perspective of your subject. Also, discussing your opinions and ideas with others can improve your presentation skills.

Online or in-person study groups?

During the global pandemic, students had to change the way they studied. Online study groups became the norm and students would reach out to those who were studying the same subjects to form small study groups. A great online study group platform is StudyStream, joining focus rooms with others for individual study and creating your own study groups with the online friends you meet through the StudyStream Discord channel or Webapp. In-person study groups are still effective but if you find yourself studying a lot at home, on your own, or maybe you don’t have access to student spaces.

The best size for a study group

Is there an optimal size for a study group? Studies show that the perfect study group size is between three and five people. The reason for this is if there are too many people in a study group, it’s more challenging to coordinate, a study group with an average of four people will be more successful. The fewer students in the study group, the more responsibility, and pressure to perform.

How to run a successful study group

What are the most important factors of a successful study group? First of all, you need to have people in your group that are motivated to succeed. Find committed, like-minded students that want to achieve good grades and show up prepared to study sessions. Then you should decide on the topics you are going to discuss before your study group meetings, be prepared and every student needs to take responsibility for their role in the study group. Stay in contact with each other and keep an honest and open communication, help each other and offer your endless support and you will have a successful study group. Now all you have to do is find the perfect students to join you!


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