What is Coding?

Want to learn about coding, what it is and why you should learn and understand it? Read on to find out more.

What is Coding?

Coding. Something that might feel foreign to a lot of people, unless your day job is computer programming. Coding is used for everything that you use daily, from your smartphone to your computer. Want to learn about coding, what it is and why you should learn and understand it? Read on to find out more.

What is coding?

Coding is the language of computers. It’s how we communicate to the computer what actions to take. Think of it like a set of instructions. Code can look different and has many formats but the purpose remains the same.

Developers use different programming languages when they code, some of these include HTML, C#, Python, and Javascript. HTML is widely used for creating web pages, whereas C# is used for creating desktop applications.

Where is coding used?

Coding is used to program a variety of things, from a complex computer program, to the websites you regularly visit and the social media apps on your phone. Code allows us to have the seamless technology that we use every day.

Coding vs Programming

What’s the difference between coding and programming? Coding refers to a specific task, which is writing a set of instructions for the computer or phone to perform. However, programming includes more processes and is more about the development of the systems of code. Coding is part of programming, the essential component needed to make up the programming process.

Why should you learn to code?

Coders are essential for every growing industry and it’s a great skill to have, even if you don’t work with computers daily. There are many benefits if you learn to code, research has predicted that careers in software development will increase by over 20% in the next few years, so this will open up more job opportunities. Coding is an in-demand skill and employers see its high value, even if it isn’t necessarily needed in your daily work. Learning to code will also give you something challenging to focus on and nurture your math and problem-solving abilities.

Learning code can just be a fun hobby to acquire a new skill. However, there are many careers for those who want to learn code on a more serious level including web developer, front-end engineer, back-end engineer or software developer.

How to learn to code

There are so many websites, courses, and apps that allow you to learn basic coding for free. Some popular apps can teach you how to use HTML and Javascript through video tutorials. But courses are more likely to go in-depth with exercises such as working towards creating a basic app or landing page for a website.

From boot camps to degrees, there are multiple ways to learn code and use it to improve your job prospects. The future is digital and knowing the language of computers will allow you to be a few steps ahead of the game. Coding is a tricky thing to learn, but once you know it, you will be unstoppable and despite what you might believe, you don’t even have to be good at math to learn it!


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