What New Skills Should You Learn in 2023?

It’s a new year which means you are probably setting new goals for yourself.

What New Skills Should You Learn in 2023?

It’s a new year which means you are probably setting new goals for yourself. Sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming to know what skills and hobbies to try but StudyStream has compiled a list of new skills that you should learn in 2023.

Whether you are hoping to advance in your career or you want to learn something new for fun. There are so many skills you can do. The most successful people are those who dedicate their free time to keep on learning new things. Some skills take more time and dedication than others but if you want to learn any new skill. Remember to be consistent with your approach.

Learn a new language

Learning a foreign language is a highly beneficial skill to have. It can advance your career opportunities, help you when you travel to engage in a different culture, and is a fun challenge to learn something fun. There are so many new apps out there that can help you with your language learning journey or you can go to night classes after work or even take a new language course if it’s an option at your school, college, or university.  

Learn to cook

Cooking is a life skill that will help you throughout your life. You don’t need to be a professional chef or a qualified nutritionist to eat well. When you cook your meals yourself, you are in control of the sugar and salt content and can create a well-balanced and healthy diet for yourself and those around you. Learning to cook nutritious meals will save you money, improve your health and it’s also fun! So, get your kitchen utensils ready, pick up a cookbook or watch a video recipe online and learn how to cook for yourself.

Learn a musical instrument

Learning to play a musical instrument is on many people’s lists of things they want to do. It can be frustrating for some to start with the basics and the process of learning any musical instrument can be a slow one, so it takes a lot of patience and dedication to master the skills it takes to play a musical instrument fluently.

Learn to code

One of the most in-demand skills for workers to have is to understand code. Even having a basic knowledge of HTML, can be highly beneficial for a lot of future employers to see that you are willing to learn and keep your skill set current to go with tech trends. There are lots of beginner-friendly courses and apps available now that can teach you how to code.

Learn a new form of exercise

Regular exercise is important but sometimes we can feel stagnant with our workouts. Maybe it’s time to try something new. Try out a new dance class, take up running or learn how to box. Exercising is vital for your health and wellbeing. So, why not check out what classes your local gym has this new year?

Learn to edit videos

Video is the way forward. We can see that with the way TikTok and Instagram are exploding with video content. Learning how to edit videos is a great skill to have, for both personal and professional use. There are so many apps and programs out there that are easy to use and can edit videos effectively. If you want to take it further, you could even carve out a career for yourself as a video editor.

Learn how to budget and save money

We don’t learn at school how to budget and save money. It’s a skill we must acquire in adulthood and it’s a necessary one. Learning to be responsible with money and save some for retirement sounds like a boring skill to learn in comparison to the others, but it is something that will enable you to live a less stressful life. Getting into debt early on in your life isn’t the best way to start your adult years. There are lots of useful apps and advice online on how to manage your money and making it a priority.

Learn to meditate

Never underestimate the power of meditation and learning to be still. The world can be overwhelming and chaotic. We are constantly consuming media from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. Learning how to meditate will help you practice the art of doing nothing, just existing. It is something that will help your overall health and wellbeing. There are lots of apps and videos online for beginners and once you have mastered meditation, you can do it anywhere, anytime.

Learn how to utilize social media

Social media has its pros and cons. Spending too much time on social media is bad for your mental health. But it’s a good skill to learn to utilize social media for your benefit. For a personal account, you could only follow accounts that bring you joy, and only have friends or followers that share content that is good for your health and wellbeing.

Maybe you’re trying to learn a new language. If you are, follow some accounts relating to that country. You might be trying to improve your health and fitness. Then you can follow positive accounts that realistically motivate you. Social media can also be utilized to start a business, earn money or create long-lasting relationships and friendships. Learning to use social media as a tool to add to your life, not take away anything is a great skill to have.

Learn a new productivity technique

There are so many methods, books, and videos out there that encourage you to be more productive. Maybe this year you can learn a new productivity technique. If something isn’t quite working for you, then you can research and read and learn a new method of being focused and productive. In a world full of distractions and information, it can be overstimulating and hard to know where to start. But hopefully, StudyStream provides you with the much-needed space and platform to be more accountable and productive.


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